The supply and demand for organic foods

I recently found out why organic costs so much more than regular food.

Last weekend I worked my flat butt off getting the weeds out of my garden. Those suckers did not want to leave. I think there were more weeds than dirt.  I know there were more weeds than vegetables. After grueling in the sun for over two hours pulling those critters, I now consider myself a farmhand. Talk about labor intensive. Can you imagine pulling weeds and pests off fruits and vegetables for 8-10 hours a day, five  to six days a week? Not me. I now have so much more respect for migrant workers.

When I was finally done with the back-breaking tedious work, I pulled up a lawn chair, sat under a shade tree, opened a bag of tortilla chips, grabbed some dip and drank lots of wine. It didn’t take long but I soon felt better. I’m not advocating becoming a lush while gardening, but maintaining an organic garden is difficult and tedious work so you might as well treat yourself to some libations afterwards!

In these dismal economic times I recognize that people are out of work and that the costs of electricity, water, gas, mortgage/rent, transportation and telephone bills are sky high. However, food is still a staple that is required in order to live. But just think, if we grow our own fruits and vegetables, we know where they’re coming from; we don’t have to pay a distributor or retailer; we don’t have to use gas to get to the store to buy them, and we don’t have to worry about pesticides, herbicides or any other ‘cides making us sick or fat or broke.

Before you say yeah, yeah, yeah, I forgot to mention that my tomatoes, cucumbers, and herbs are doing quite nice thank you. Oh, and the onions are on crack. They are growing everywhere – I mean it  – everywhere. As a matter of fact we had some of the onions on Father’s Day. Scrumptious.

Buying organic foods may be in the future for most households, but for some of us organic makes sense in the present.

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