Feeding Illinois birds is a no-no

Since last speaking with you I mustered up an army of 48 people to help clean up 55th and 57th Street beaches in Chicago for Adopt A Beach Day.  Although we all felt we were doing something wonderful, we found ourselves clearing away trash that should not have been on the beaches. Crap like condoms, baby diapers, tampons, and other stuff were thrown in bushes and trees and found under rocks from people too lazy to walk steps to throw in a trash bin. And the birds were in full battle array! Sometimes you had to almost use sticks to shoo them away. They did not go peacefully.
Just so you know, it is now a crime in Illinois to feed birds (any birds) on any beach in the State. As a matter of fact, the fine is $500. The reason the fine is so steep is because of the number of swim bans for the past several summers on our beaches. (Swim bans are when the beaches are closed due to too much bacteria (usually e-coli) in the water.) The reason there is so much bacteria in the water is because we humans are feeding the birds…our food. So where is their toilet? LAKE MICHIGAN – duh.
Right now I can hear some of you actually saying that you never feed the birds, especially on the beach. Some of you might be telling the truth. Most of you will be ducking it.
The truth is you might not necessarily be feeding the birds, but if you are not throwing your trash in the receptacles then the birds pick apart the trash, especially those loaded with food remains, and start eating. I hate to say this but people are lazy. Some will not walk steps to a trash container to throw away their trash. So what do they do? They throw their food and other garbage behind trees, bushes and sometimes in the lake just to avoid walking steps to a trash bin. I wish I could say that I am exaggerating but you know I’m not.
Looking at the percentage of people in this country who are obese, I’d say that maybe walking would help reduce some of the fat around their bodies – but that’s just me talking.
There are some birds in Chicago that have never eaten traditional bird food. These birds will not move from the sidewalk even to let you pass. They are looking for food…in the bushes, around the trash containers, in your hands! Bird crap lines the city’s streets, sidewalks, and even in the grass should you decide you want to lie out on a blanket. Woo hoo! that’s a stretch. We are responsible folks! It is not fair to the birds to feed them our fat-laden, diabetes-producing junk food. Just take those extra steps and throw your trash in a trash bin!
Now that didn’t hurt, did it?

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