A Howard Watson Intrigue

Howard Watson here.

Glad you could join me. Many of you have written and asked how I met my wife Carol.
For those of you who have read The Gordian Knot this rendering might sound repetitive.

My best friend and fellow FBI colleague John Mason and I were Army officers stationed in the same camp in Vietnam. Two years later by happenstance we found ourselves roommates in the FBI Academy at Quantico, Virginia.

After reporting to the Director of New Recruits, I was informed that all new trainees had been divided into teams. Before I could locate my partner’s name on the list, a finger tapped me on the shoulder. It was John. Both of us had proven our ability to cope well with difficulties in Vietnam so there was nothing much to prove in the Academy.

The last three weeks of our 16 weeks training was review, review, review. Although I was the younger man, I felt something that I just couldn’t explain, it was like I had a brother in John and so I deemed myself his protector, telling him on graduation day that “I will absolutely from this day forward move heaven and earth to protect you, should you need me.” John simply smiled and hugged me.

After graduation John and I were stationed in different locales in the country. I stayed in the D.C. area and John was routed to Chicago FBI office..but we stayed in touch often. I missed his wedding because I was in Russia and couldn’t get back on time. I missed the birth of his son because I was in a South American  jungle with Malaria. Somehow he still forgave me for both absences. Years later he made me promise that if anything were to happen to him that I would see to it that his wife Carol and his son Mark were brought to D.C. safely. John said one of them would surely have evidence of what he believed was going on in the Bureau.  Scared me.

John’s words became prophetic as he was later murdered and Carol and Mark had a heckuva time getting to me. But they did and my relationship with Carol and Mark grew everyday I knew them both. As a matter of fact several years later Carol and I married and Mark became my wonderful stepson. It was a relationship that started with meaning.

You’ll have to read The Gordian Knot for the sordid details.
Talk soon.

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