A Howard Watson Intrigue

FBI Special Agent Ahmad Waverly

Who is this person? Why is he so special to me?

Ahmad Waverly grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from the University of Florida with a B.S. in Forensic Science coupled with a minor in Chemistry, thinking he was going into the Medical Examiners Office in Miami when he graduated. As salutatorian of his high school graduating class he was a recipient of a four-year academic scholarship to the University of Florida, graduating four years later cum laude. Prior to his senior year at Florida he interned at the office of the Medical Examiner in Miami and was truly praying that they would offer him a position once he graduated.

Sometimes the divine just intervenes.
Two months before he graduated, Ahmad met FBI Special Agent John Mason at a career fair with the emphasis on scientists. As far as John was concerned Ahmad was a perfect candidate for the FBI. Ahmad’s background and knowledge in computational forensics involving computer-based modeling, computer simulation and analysis integrated his expertise of computational science and forensic sciences. John was in heaven…Ahmad not so much. He didn’t want to carry a gun or go after bad guys or live in a cold place like Chicago. He was a lab rat. He felt certain of that while twice explaining to John the reasons for his regrets.  However, once John drilled it into his skull that he would be working in a lab and that the majority of Special Agents do not carry guns, Ahmad started to view the FBI under a different microscope. He eventually learned to like Chicago’s seasons…especially summer.

I had been with the FBI for a little over ten years when FBI Special Agent Ahmad Waverly came into my life. At the time, I was working frenetically on the reasons why my best friend and colleague, John Mason, had been killed in Chicago. Ahmad had worked for John for nearly three years at the time of John’s death. He then decided he could no longer work in the Chicago office so he asked for a transfer to the guns and weapons division in Washington, D.C., which was not only my division, but close to his family’s home in Baltimore.  Within a year I was promoted to Supervising Agent in Charge and I believe Ahmad’s impressive field of knowledge was one of the reasons that lent to my rise in the Bureau.

Ahmad helped me tremendously with the John Mason “situation” because he and John had been working on frequency alteration equipment for a case they were both working on.  John had the frequency altered on recording tapes so that they fell outside the human hearing range and the “guilty” would think the tapes were blank. Ahmad had made the equipment in his lab.

Both Ahmad and I exhaled when we found out who was behind John’s murder, as well as the murders of several others. We were able to bust an illegal political ring of U.S. Senators and several rogue FBI agents and CIA officers surrounding the Iranian rescue mission. That was 10 years ago but I will never forget how Ahmad got me over that difficult period in my life so that I didn’t go after the men who killed my pal.

Ahmad is married to his college sweetheart and they have two teenage daughters, who I believe all cherish the ground he walks on. All of us in my division feel the same.

Talk soon.

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