A Howard Watson Intrigue

Carol Frazier Watson is my roadblock; my yield sign; the best friend and lover a man could want as a wife.

Carol grew up in a stable household with three brothers and a mother and father who were both teachers. She was considered a tomboy by all accounts, but in her mind, she was only doing whatever her brothers were doing.

At 13 she wanted to run track at school like her older brother Carl but hit an impasse with her mother to sign the authorization allowing her this extracurricular activity.  Her mother could only come up with “I said no because young lady, you’re a girl.” Her father Larry was always impartial and was consistently able to talk her mother into allowing Carol her athletic activities.

When she was sixteen Carol had been training for a bike/run biathlon race to benefit leukemia research, and although he was only fourteen, her younger brother Bill, was her trainer. As she was nearing the end of the bike portion of her training, a young man, biking toward her, and perhaps glancing at her beauty instead of the road ran into her, knocking her off her bike.  As she hit the pavement, the handlebar crushed into her right shoulder, breaking her collarbone and rendering her helpless in getting up.  She could hear several voices talking, but she couldn’t open her eyes. She remembered that her body felt as if it was on fire. Before losing consciousness she said she heard Bill asking, “Carol, are you okay? Sis, are you okay?”

The bike remained in the Frazier’s basement, untouched, for the next two years.

Carol met her first husband John when both were students at the University of Illinois. They were married 12 years when John was killed. They also had a 10-year old son at the time of John’s death so not only was she striving for sanity on a personal level she was also trying to keep her son from falling apart.

Although John was a colleague of mine he was also my friend but I didn’t meet Carol and her son Mark until John’s death. I was determined to solve John’s murder but in the process, I fell in love with Carol and Mark. Two years later we were married. A year later we celebrated the birth of twin boys. Carol is a teacher, Mark is now in law school and the twins are in sixth grade. Everyone is doing fine.

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