A Howard Watson Intrigue

Although I am stationed in the FBI Washington, D.C. Bureau, The Chicago Field Office is one that I have come to regard as my second office.

When I first became an FBI Agent, I had graduated from the Academy with several men who went on to the Chicago FBI Field Office: John Mason and Phil Davenport.

A decade later Phil would find himself assisting me in locating the rogue senators, FBI Agents and CIA officers responsible for murdering my best friend and our mutual colleague, John Mason.

The Chicago Bureau produced a number of wonderful Agents, including Ahmad Waverly, who also helped with the investigation of John’s murder. The problem we investigated went deeper than the murder of our agent friend. At that time, I had only been an Agent for 10 years. I was still naive about the occasional deception and criminality that permeated American politics.

I’m still shocked, even after 20 years with the Bureau, at the brazen undertakings on the part of criminals who have masterminded creative scenarios in the name of profit. These criminals, including millionaires, billionaires, celebrities, and politicians sometimes make my position with the Bureau an almost never-ending pursuit of illegality. It makes me furious at times when these “elites” take for granted that their reputation, money, and standing in the community will leave them immune to the negative consequences of their illicit behavior.

The Chicago Outfit, as I call them, are a top-notch group of men and women dedicated to preserving the FBI’s Community Outreach Program by working to address multiple interrelated societal problems—including crime, drugs, gangs, terrorism, and violence. In addition, Chicago’s mission is to foster a greater understanding of the role of federal law enforcement in the community through frank discussion and education.

I am honored to say those in the Chicago Field Office have proven multiple times that they “have my back”.

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Talk soon.


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