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Author: JoAnn Fastoff

Did you know?

We've finally done it. We (as in you and I) have created problems on this earth that we should be unbelievably ashamed of forever. I'm talking about climate change, which means global warming, or as former Vice President Al Gore calls it, the "inconvenient truth." The earth is heating up at an unprecedented rate. Tropical diseases are appearing in places where they never appeared. It seems every...
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A Howard Watson Intrigue

Carol Frazier Watson is my roadblock; my yield sign; the best friend and lover a man could want as a wife. Carol grew up in a stable household with three brothers and a mother and father who were both teachers. She was considered a tomboy by all accounts, but in her mind, she was only doing whatever her brothers were doing. At 13 she wanted to run track at school like her older brother Carl but...
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Did you Know?

The new name for slavery It answers to various names – none of them good: sex trafficking, child trafficking, forced-labor trafficking. It all falls under the roof of “human trafficking” which is the name for all cases that involve trading of people. Human trafficking, according to the U.S. State Department, is defined as "the recruitment, harboring, transportation, provision, or obtaining...
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