JoAnn Fastoff


Who Am I?

I am a product of Chicago.

I graduated from Chicago’s Harlan High School, attended Wilson Junior College, Columbia College, and acquired a BA in Marketing from an on-line university in Idaho.

My mother, Sarah, was born to a part Creek Indian mother and a Black father who migrated to Chicago in 1927 from the Buckaloo Mountains of Alabama. My father, Norman, was a first generation American born to Russian immigrant parents. I am the mother of two adult children. I have written, produced and directed three one-act plays on off-off Broadway in New York, including winning the Village Gate One Act Festival in 1993.

I wrote, directed and produced, a 3-city PBS aired television program called Live From The Warehouse, and wrote, produced and directed Herb Kent’s‚ Dusty Records, a syndicated radio program airing in 22 cities. Also, I have written seven novels that are currently listed on,,, and As a testament to my accomplishments, my books are also housed in my high school’s library. I have written extensively for Chicago, New York and Philadelphia publications. I was a publicist for the musical group ‚ Kool and the Gang‚ event coordinator for Graham Kerr‚ The Galloping Gourmet‚ and have interviewed over 100 celebrities, including the late Grammy award winning blues singer B.B. King and the late award winning photographer Gordon Parks

What Have I Done?

Author of Two Years of Heaven nominated for the 2015 Phillis Wheatley Book Review Award for Excellence in Non-fiction and nominated for an Honorable Mention from the Chicago Writers Association. Author of The award winning book THE LIE, winner of the 2013 Excellence in Literature Award (fiction) from the African American Arts Alliance of Chicago.

Author of The Smoke Ring, The Pact, The Gordian Knot and working on her fifth book in the Howard Watson Mystery Series called The Standing People due out in 2018 and White Sox (and other baseball worth mentioning) for Women 

Columnist for the Newspaper
Accountable for researching, creating and producing “environmental” type articles for residents of Chicago. (2008-2010)

Editor for the Chicago Defender
Interim Managing Editor for the Chicago Defender Newspaper; (2004)

Of numerous articles for Chicago, New York and Philadelphia publications

As Publicist
For the Grammy award-winning musical group “Kool and the Gang”, JoAnn composed and edited the liner notes on their album which rose to number one on the Billboard charts in 1994;

Of three one-act plays for Off-Off Broadway in New York; won a coveted spot in the Village Gate One-Act Festival in 1993.