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Another effort for 63rd Street Beach

A hot summer day in Chicago. Temperature above 90 degrees - humidity hitting 75%. Hot air blows into your face. You don’t have a towel so you use your shirt to wipe the sweat off your face and neck. You take a swig of cold-fresh-water from a fountain, bottle or cup. Ahhhhh!Did you know that everyday more than 4,000 children in places like Africa, Haiti, and India die because they don’t have...
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Virginal attempt at a vegetable garden

This article is for the farmer in all of us. In that fruits and vegetables in the stores and so-called farmers markets are just too expensive for me, I have decided to produce a vegetable garden so spectacular that you will want my recipe for success.  I should probably mention that I am so excited about this venture and getting my fingers back into the earth that I can't stand...
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Adopt A Beach

I was just thinking (this could be dangerous) about fresh clean water and how we take it for granted. According to the World Bank, as many as two billion people lack adequate sanitation facilities to protect them from water-borne disease, while a billion lack access to clean water altogether. According to the United Nations, which has declared 2005-2015 the “Water for Life” decade, 95 percent...
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Coal versus Natural Gas

Some of you know that I know there is no such thing as “clean coal”. This marketing tool is making its rounds and shouldn’t. In the U.S. coal has been the Big Papa for generating electricity. As recently as 2006, it provided 49 percent of the electric capacity while natural gas usage comprised 20 percent, nuclear power 19 percent, hydroelectric power 7 percent and wind/solar...
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Welcome to JoAnn’s World

Okay all my friends and family - I have finally made it into the 21st century by having my own blog - OMG!!!How does this differ from Examiner?  I can talk about greening the community AND restaurants til I'm blue (uh brown) in the face. NO ONE telling me I have to stay within my geographical area of the city.But this is what I'm asking from you - tell me what you'd like to know - in the...
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