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The Avaricious

A Howard Watson Intrigue Two scientists who had just invented a special microchip for the US Army had been missing for four days when the...

The Scheduler

Five men have been targeted for death by someone trained on an M-24 sniper rifle…a rifle that only the military provides. The person or...

Two Years of Happiness

"What if you could relive over and over the best two years of your life? Welcome to Heaven.” So, what is Heaven? What if it’s a...

The Standing People

The FBI with the help of the CIA is trying to stop a Chinese family operation out of Beijing and Washington, D.C. that is...

The Smoke Ring

The death of a Major General in the Marines was ruled accidental by the D.C. police. FBI Agent Howard Watson believes otherwise. Why did...

The Lie

As the rock-laden cart carried him and the four men to the surface of the volcanic crater, Peter Samadu was finally able to feel the sun's rays. He could also feel the scowl on the mercenaries' faces that were waiting for them with AK-47 assault rifles. Peter and the men had been down in the crater for more than ten hours. No extra water or food was provided - only what was given 10 hours prior. As soon as he and the men jumped off the cart, they started coughing from the sudden burst of clean air that hit their lungs. Their bounty, in this case, the cart that held the kimberlite rocks, was wheeled away from them. They could go home now.

The Pact

Three women carry out a vendetta against a drug dealer and secretly execute him in the Forest Preserves of Chicago. Unfortunately they do not...

The Gordian Knot

The night of April 24, eight American servicemen died when their helicopter and a transport plane collided as they were leaving a refueling area after their operation had been called off... ...Pentagon officials, including the senior military officer who briefed reporters, refused to discuss details of the plan beyond the point where it was aborted in the darkness of the Iranian desert.