The Pact

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Three women carry out a vendetta against a drug dealer and secretly execute him in the Forest Preserves of Chicago. Unfortunately they do not end the mans life; someone else does their new enemy.

Excerpt from Chapter 1

Bakassi Peninsula, near Limbe, a village in Cameroon, a republic in Western Africa.

The boy unpacked the box and handed his father, grandfather, two uncles and two older brothers the AK-47 assault rifles. “How did it come to this? When will this fighting stop?” he asked himself over and over again. His mother was dead. His two sisters were dead. His younger brother was dead. His grandmother was dead. “When will the killing of my people end?” He was thinking that if he ever got out of this place, he would obtain enough guns to stop the enemy. He would make them pay for all his pain.

The fighting sounded closer. His father yelled for them to run. If they could just reach Cameroon Mountain they could duck for cover behind the trees and at least have a decent chance of lasting through the night. The shell of a building peeked from behind thick moss. It was about 100 yards away. They ran as fast as they could. When they reached the edifice the boy quickly realized that one of his uncles was not among them. The boy’s father called and called but gunfire quickly drowned out any words. The boy peeked through the planks substituting as a wall and became aware of a man on the ground waving furiously. It was his uncle. His father saw him too, but they had to wait. Two hours later when the gunfire quieted, the boy’s father ran to the man on the ground. By then the uncle was dead.

The boy was only 14 years old. He was a boy without money, without dreams, without hope.

He was now a man with a gun.



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