The Gordian Knot

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Excerpt from Chapter 1

(Dasht-E-Kavir, a remote desert 200 miles southeast of Tehran)

The night of April 24, eight American servicemen died when their helicopter and a transport plane collided as they were leaving a refueling area after their operation had been called off…
…Pentagon officials, including the senior military officer who briefed reporters, refused to discuss details of the plan beyond the point where it was aborted in the darkness of the Iranian desert.

However, other sources revealed the helicopters were to have taken commandos to a landing near Tehran where the raiders would have linked up with waiting vehicles that would drive them through the city. With darkness as their ally, the commandos were to surprise and overcome the Iranian Fundamentalists students at the American Embassy, locate and round up the 50 hostages held there, and then speed to an airstrip outside the city to board a waiting transport plane. But something went wrong.

Before the mission could begin, one helicopter developed spiraling problems. A plane’s hydraulic system went awry, and the plane could not get off the ground. Disaster struck. The rotor of the other helicopter sliced into a transport plane.

Both exploded.

Ammunition that was aboard both planes started exploding, lighting up the desert night like the Fourth of July. Only one man aboard the transport plane could be rescued. Five others on the ground were badly burned.

Eight were killed.

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