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White Sox for Women

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Excerpt from Chapter 1

White Sox for Women is an upbeat exploration of the Chicago White Sox and more.

It is a quick trip into the game that includes small doses of history about women in baseball, the Negro Leagues, and, yes, the White Sox.

It expresses also a sweet joy for baseball that is infectious and charming. It is a playful and pertinent exploration that strives to share the author’s love for the game with reader’s looking for a summer love.

“My only quibble with Fastoff’s book is in her title. This is not a book just for women. It is, like the team and the game it celebrates, all-encompassing, a book for fans of all stripes for whom the White Sox and baseball are something more than just a team and a sport—they are, in a sense, a faith for the true believers, an undeniable truth I took to heart a long, long time ago.”

Arnie Bernstein, Chicago-based nonfiction author, and a life-long White Sox fan


“For Sox fans, the book is a treasure trove. The author doesn’t just write about the stars either, introducing players who would make great trivia questions, such as Dwayne Wise. As Fastoff writes, Wise “entered the White Sox game in the top of the ninth inning against Tampa Bay on July 23, 2009, and saved Mark Buehrle’s perfect game by leaping over the wall to make a spectacular catch.”

Dennis Hetzel, Windy City Reviews



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