The Lie

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Excerpt from Chapter 1

As the rock-laden cart carried him and the four men to the surface of the volcanic crater, Peter Samadu was finally able to feel the sun’s rays. He could also feel the scowl on the mercenaries’ faces that were waiting for them with AK-47 assault rifles. Peter and the men had been down in the crater for more than ten hours. No extra water or food was provided – only what was given 10 hours prior. As soon as he and the men jumped off the cart, they started coughing from the sudden burst of clean air that hit their lungs. Their bounty, in this case, the cart that held the kimberlite rocks, was wheeled away from them. They could go home now.

Peter headed for the path that led down the mountain slope. Three miles later, he could hear the rush of the Bushimaie River and the smells that signaled home. A lean-to stood on a wedge of land in which The Company said his family could live. He shared this shanty with his parents, five sisters and brothers. The wedge of land had belonged to his family 130 years before The Company came.

Peter’s mother waved to him as he came into sight. He picked up his pace until his 12-year-old heart told him he would not make it. He then thanked God for his time on earth.

Excerpt from Chapter 5

Janet J. Forrestal had been with the Philadelphia FBI office for almost three years before she went on an actual stakeout. Prior to that, her job had been mostly limited in scope, like sitting at the front desk taking walk-in complaints, or appearing at job fairs and college recruitment events. Now she was going into the field with other agents – show time! She proved her mettle quickly by assisting in the captures of a pedophile that had been on the lam for six years, and a serial rapist specializing in prostitutes in Philadelphia’s Central City area.

Although she never divulged her secret, Janet had wanted to be an FBI agent ever since she was a kid. She didn’t know a single woman agent prior to her appointment, but she quickly got to know the eight women agents stationed in the New York and Philadelphia bureaus. The reason? The FBI’s new public relations campaign was trying to illustrate how diverse the FBI had become. Janet would just shake her head at this exhaustive and expensive exercise. It was not as if she wouldn’t be noticed. She was 5’10” tall, red-haired, and owned damn near every freckle east of the Mississippi River. On top of that, she was Black.

“Yep” she thought, “I have finally made it into the big leagues. Why are Headquarters sending agents to Philadelphia to “assist” with a case that my partner and I are close to getting a handle on?

Something is up.”

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